The Death List Caused by the Texas Freeze is Heartbreaking

Electricity pylons in foggy winter freeze

The Houston Chronicle published a gruesome list of who died (so far) from the Texas Freeze (blackouts).  This loss of Texas power was corporate negligence and many lives were lost unnecessarily.

We pray for these human lives and their loved ones.  Below is a list of the names of who we lost—may their memory be a blessing:

Harris County

  • Carrol Anderson, 75, hypothermia
  • Doyle Aaron Austin, 96, hypothermia
  • Earlie Baylock, 86, hypothermia
  • Brenda Benavides, 43, hypothermia
  • Jose Rosa Chavez, 49, carbon monoxide
  • Benjamin Cooks, 70, house fire
  • Edward Cooper, 48, hypothermia
  • Darlene Dahms, 100, hypothermia
  • Catherine Dillingham, 87, hypothermia
  • Doris Ntow, 69, hypothermia
  • Ralph Durant, 81, hypothermia
  • Mersha Etenesh Eshetu, 46, carbon monoxide
  • Virginia Fleming, 70, house fire
  • Lois Freeney, 88, hypothermia
  • Artemio Reyes Garcia, 52, hypothermia
  • Mary Gee, 84, hypothermia
  • Jimmie Gloud, 61, hypothermia
  • Betty Hagan, hypothermia
  • Tore Hoijer, possibly exposure
  • John Jennings, 86, trauma from fall on ice
  • Peter Labbe, 76, hypothermia
  • Ann Manning, 87, hypothermia
  • James Monroe, 61, hypothermia
  • Edward Orton, possibly exposure
  • Esperanza Pena, 79, hypothermia
  • Norah Pledger, 97, hypothermia
  • Gilbert Rivera, 60, hypothermia
  • Raul Rivera, 51, hypothermia
  • Zewodu Rakaeb Shalemu, 8, carbon monoxide
  • Harvey Smith, 71, hypothermia
  • Susana Rosa Ventura, 8, carbon monoxide
  • Carol Williams, vehicle wreck

Galveston County

  • Paul Anger, 51, exposure
  • Janie Hernandez, 87, hypothermia
  • Richard McCrory, 72, COPD (relied on oxygen)
  • Agnes Reed, 88, exposure
  • Terrill Turner, 50, exposure
  • Unidentified man, 74, suspected due to weather
  • Unidentified man, 61, suspected due to weather

Fort Bend County

  • Loan Le, 75, house fire
  • Colette Nguyen, 5, house fire
  • Edison Nguyen, 8, house fire
  • Olivia Nguyen, 11, house fire
  • Unidentified woman, 84, hypothermia
  • Unidentified woman, 75, hypothermia
  • Unidentified woman, 52, hypothermia

Brazoria County

  • Denise Rodarte, kidney disease (relied on dialysis)
  • Unidentified woman, 29, suspected due to weather
  • Unidentified man, 72, suspected due to weather

Montgomery County

Cristian Pineda, 11, hypothermia

If you or a loved one has been injured by the loss of power during the Texas freeze, you may call my law firm at any time for a FREE initial consultation at 281-929-0110 or text me at 832-797-7600.

Most importantly, if you lost a loved one due to the loss of power and your loved one needed power for medical equipment to survive, we would be open to discuss your legal options.  No one should have to suffer and die because of a lack of power, especially when that loss of power was due to human negligence.

Read the full Houston Chronicle article about deaths caused by the Texas freeze here.

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