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Do you have a question about an injury or legal issue? My law firm offers free, no obligation consultations to discuss your claim.

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To get started on your case, we need to gather important information about you, the accident, your injury and other necessary information.

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Have you been injured, but you do not have health insurance to get the medical attention you need? There is hope, and my firm can help you. 

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Filing a car accident claim with an insurance company can be tricky. Read about different insurance companies and common FAQs.

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Do you have a claim about an accident or injury? If you aren't sure, these common frequently asked questions can help. 

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Stay up to date on the latest news about recalled products, auto accident claims, and important precautions to take to avoid injuries.

Have a question about an injury or legal issue?

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    If you have been injured in a wreck, please seek professional medical attention ASAP.

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    Enter your information with a brief description of your legal issue.

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    Once your inquiry is submitted, Gregg will respond to you the same day to discuss your legal case.

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    During the consultation, we will determine if your case or claim will be accepted by our law firm.

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    If you believe your inquiry is an emergency, you may text your information to 832-797-7600 for a quicker response.

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