Even with motorcyclists carefully following the required safety laws, accidents happen every day. The Traffic Safety Facts Annual Report accounted for over 82,000 motorcycle accident injuries in 2018. And of those accidents, almost 5,000 motorcycle drivers lost their lives.

Why are motorcycle accidents and injuries so prevalent? In most cases, the motorcycle accident is caused by careless and negligent automobile or trucking drivers. These wrecks and injuries are rarely caused by the biker. Very few motorcycle crashes in Texas are the fault of the motorcycle owner. In most cases, the biker is completely free of any negligence.

The most common reported causes of motorcycle accidents are improper lane changes, distracted drivers, driving under the influence of drugs or drunk driving, speeding, sudden stops, head-on collisions, dangerous road conditions, or vehicle defects.

Proving liability and recovering compensation requires an experienced motorcycle accident attorney.  It requires a lawyer who is knowledgeable with personal injury cases that include the common injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident. These injuries can be catastrophic, if not fatal, and can include traumatic brain injuries, neck and back injuries, amputations, paralysis, broken bones and fractures, burns and road rash, scars, and in the worst case, wrongful death.

As your motorcycle accident lawyer, I will do everything I can to prove the driver of the vehicle that hit you was negligent and that he or she was responsible for the crash. This clarification on negligence will allow you to obtain a fair accident settlement that can be used to recover compensation for medical and hospital bills, lost wages and future earnings, damages for pain and suffering, repair or replacement for your motorcycle, replacement of your bike gear, and even repair of any tattoos that were damaged as a result of the accident.

I Protect the Rights of Motocycle Drivers in Accident Claims and Lawsuits

I’ve been serving accident and personal injury victims in Houston since 2001.  I have nearly two decades of experience helping people just like you. There is a lot that goes into a personal injury claim or lawsuit. I’m here to help every step of the way.

Here are some general steps to show you how I’ll help lift the burden of recovering compensation for your motorcycle accident claim.

Initial Free Case Evaluation

  • Listen to you and review the details of your case with a free initial consultation.
  • Offer an initial assessment of the strengths and possible weaknesses of your injury claim.
  • Educate you about the entire legal process and answer your questions.
  • Offer to take your case on a contingency fee only where the client does not pay the attorney any fees unless there is a settlement or jury verdict in your favor.

Case evaluations can be done in person, via phone, or via Zoom.

Once I am Retained as Your Personal Injury Lawyer

  • Send out notice letters to all possible “at fault” parties.
  • Further investigate your case details to determine if there are multiple parties at fault or find the one truly at fault for the injury from whom we can seek a recovery from.
  • Make sure you are getting proper medical treatment and well documented medical treatment.
  • Estimate the cost of your injury’s physical harm, mental anguish, and financial burden due to medical treatment and loss of income using all the medical treatment and billing.
  • File an initial claim to demand compensation from insurance companies representing those who were negligent.
  • File all follow up paperwork with insurance companies, lawyers of those negligent, or the Texas court system.
  • Communicate with insurance agents, defense attorneys, and court representatives.
  • Prepare supporting documentation to demonstrate the extent of your physical injuries and financial damages to get the best possible settlement offer.
  • Find and Interview witnesses that can provide support for your injury claim.
  • Provide litigation support, legal costs*, and representation should your claim move into an actual lawsuit.

*Legal costs are a part of case expenses which client is responsible for in the event of a settlement or jury verdict in the client's favor.

Work on Your Accident Case Until Conclusion

It is the law firm’s job to bring your claim to an end. The following is a brief listing of that process.

  • Present a final pre-lawsuit demand to all insurance companies for evaluation to see if the case can be settled before filing a formal lawsuit.
  • Negotiate and discuss any potential settlement offers with the client.
  • If the case can be settled pre-suit, the law firm will work with the client to reduce outstanding medical bills and close out the claim.
  • If the case cannot be settled pre-suit, the law firm will discuss how to proceed with filing a lawsuit against all responsible parties.
  • Once in litigation, the law firm has to prepare an Original Petition, serve the petition on any Defendants, enter the Discovery process and follow the Docket Control Order of the Court.
  • There are numerous steps and processes to the litigation process which can be discussed with the attorney at a later date. Litigation can be an expensive and complicated process which our law firm is well versed and experienced in.

I understand the massive physical pain, emotional stress, and financial burdens you are dealing with and I will work to obtain just compensation for your personal injury.

Motorcycle Accident FAQs to Help You Know Your Rights

Free Initial Consultation and No Out-of-Pocket Costs*

If you are injured and believe you have been a victim of someone else’s negligence, call me at 281-929-0110 for a free initial consultation. Or if it is an emergency, please feel free to text me at 832-797-7600.

*As your personal injury lawyer, I will only receive a fee if we recover a settlement or jury verdict for you. In other words, you don’t pay any legal fees unless I make a financial recovery for you!

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