Traumatic Brain Injuries

Over 1.4 million Americans suffer a traumatic brain injury every year. Of those, 50,000 die and over 200,000 need hospitalization and/or brain injury treatment. Additionally, many experience altered or lost functional ability.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that, in the United States, there are currently 5.3 million individuals suffering from a traumatic brain injury that will have life-long effects. The emotional distress, physical challenges and financial burdens that these victims and their families face are beyond what they ever could have predicted.

Traumatic brain injury is an injury that is manifested by one or more of the following:

  1. loss of consciousness
  2. memory loss for events immediately before or after the accident
  3. alteration and mental state at the time of the accident, such as feeling dazed, disoriented or confused
  4. focal neurological deficits that may or may not be transient

The damage may be caused by the head forcefully hitting an object, such as when hitting a windshield or the dashboard of a car, or by something passing through the skull and piercing the brain. A closed head injury is also experienced without direct penetration of the skull or external trauma when the brain undergoes a severe forward or backward shaking or twisting.

Common Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injruies Among Adults Include:

  • low grade headaches or neck pain that won’t go away
  • having more trouble than usual with mental tasks such as remembering, concentrating or making decisions
  • slowness in thinking, speaking, acting or reading
  • getting lost or easily confused
  • feeling tired all the time, lacking energy or motivation
  • changes in sleep pattern, feeling lightheaded or dizzy or losing your balance
  • increased sensitivity to sounds, light or distractions
  • blurred vision, eyes that tire easily
  • loss of sense of smell or taste
  • ringing in ears
  • mood changes

Common Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injruies Among Children Include:

  • listlessness or tiring easily
  • irritability or crankiness
  • changes in eating or sleeping patterns
  • changes in the way the child plays
  • changes in performance at school
  • lack of interest in favorite toys or activities
  • loss of new skills such as toileting or training
  • loss of balance or unsteady gait

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