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Am I Driving a Defective or Recalled Car? Click to Find Out!

This statistic is alarming — but in 2017, 63 million recalled vehicles were in use across the country. (Could your car be one of them? Click below to check NHTSA’s database and find out.) CLICK HERE TO GET TO THE NHTSA RECALL WEBSITE My law firm has worked on cases where people have been injured… Read more

Gregg S. Harrison Law Firm Supports The Susan G. Komen Gala

Gregg S. Harrison Law Firm sponsors Susan G. Komen Anniversary Gala

Gregg S. Harrison, Attorney at Law PLLC, was a proud sponsor of the photo booth at the Susan G. Komen 25th Anniversary Gala on Saturday, February 19, 2016. Check out all the fun photos from this great event! Click here to see the gallery!    … Read more

Recalled products are recalled for a reason! They are dangerous and need to be taken off the market! Unfortunately, these defective products cause injury or harm to innocent consumers. My law firm can help you determine if you have a CIVIL cause of action for injuries received by a recalled or defective product. CALL 281-929-0110… Read more

Target Embark Resistance Cord Recall Lawsuits

Over a year ago, The Law Firm of Gregg Harrison, PLLC and Eric Penn of the Penn Law Firm, announced a confidential settlement against TARGET CORPORATION and BELL SPORTS, INC.. This settlement was due to a lawsuit that where an Embark Resistance Cord caused life altering (permanent) eye injuries to our client. This case was… Read more

Gregg Harrison, Attorney at Law

What if you are in a fender bender and you think this is just a minor wreck? Or what if you are in a fender bender and the other ‘AT FAULT’ party says – “don’t call the police…let’s just take care of this ourselves!” Some people think that it’s adding aggravation by getting the police… Read more

What types of Auto Insurance Coverage Do I need?

A friend of mine called me and asked me if she had enough auto coverage! I told her to get her declaration page and we could review it! To her shock and dismay – she didnt have enough coverage at all! Here is what you need to ask yourself: 1. What if you were hit… Read more

When I started practicing law over 15 years ago, I would successfully fight the insurance company to obtain a recovery for our clients and that would be the last battle we had to fight in the case. Now, however, when we obtain a good recovery for our clients, there are those who try to take… Read more

How can a “fender bender” cause $150,000 in damages?

The simple answer is DO NOT SIGN A RELEASE until you seek the advice of legal counsel. Some questions back to you are: What are your exact injuries? Do you have outstanding medical bills? What are the facts surrounding the wreck? If the wreck was the other driver’s fault, you will most likely have a… Read more

Hot Water Can Burn a Baby in One Second

I feel compelled to help families that have been affected by scald burns. I worked on and settled a case in the past in hopes that I will never have to see this type of injury again. Hopefully this post will help prevent another tragedy in Texas. In 2005, I received a call from a… Read more