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Bicycle Accidents

The most common type of cycle or bike crash a rider in Houston (or the Greater Houston Area) is bound to face will be with a vehicle of some sort. A cyclist can be hit by a car, truck, taxi, bus, or a truck pulling behind it a trailer or boat.

Unfortunately, the police may wrongfully conclude that the cyclist is at fault. Don’t be discouraged if you get ticketed as a cyclist. You can often still win your personal injury case.

If you were hit by a government vehicle such as a city bus, fire truck, police car, etc., you must immediately contact us to protect and preserve your rights as municipalities often have a shorter window in which to file a claim. It can be as short as 30-60 days.

Often, cyclists are injured in a bike wreck with a vehicle from what we call a “left cross” or a “right hook.” The left cross is when a car is coming towards you and makes a sudden left turn into you or in front of you. A left cross in the blind spot is another common type of bike wreck in Houston (or the Greater Houston Area). This occurs when the cyclist is riding to the right and behind a car going straight, and a left-turning motorist sees a gap behind that car and quickly turns behind the car but into the path of a cyclist. The best way to avoid a left cross is to ride farther to the left as you approach an intersection, as a driver is normally focused on the oncoming traffic lane. As you approach, keep pedaling. If you coast, they will think you are yielding to them. However, still be prepared to stop if they make the sudden left.

Although there are many sorts of right hooks, the most common right hook is when a cyclist passes a slow-moving car on the right and the car suddenly turns right into the cyclist. To avoid this type of crash, don’t pass slower or stopped traffic on the right. You can NEVER rely on motorists to use their turn signals or to look before turning into a bike lane. Merge into the traffic lane if you are moving the same speed as traffic, and try to do so before you reach the intersection.

Cases involving bicycle accidents can be as complex as traditional motor vehicle accident claims; therefore, it is important to hire an attorney to assist you following a crash. To help recover compensation for your losses, your attorney may:

  • Gather witness statements
  • Review police and accident reports
  • Recreate the scene of the accident
  • Inspect and document any damage to the bike
  • Investigate the driving history of the alleged at-fault party
  • Contact experts to analyze medical records and create reenactments of the accident to determine fault and causation

Every cyclist fears the “trailer whip” effect. Drivers in Houston (or the Greater Houston Area) are often pulling behind them a landscape trailer, a toy hauler, a boat, a utility trailer or other trailer. These drivers present a very dangerous situation to cyclists. Often the driver pulling a trailer will very nervously steer clear with his/her vehicle and trailer to avoid hitting the cyclist and often cross into the oncoming traffic or neighboring traffic lane long enough for the vehicle to pass the cyclist. Then the driver will mistakingly over correct the steering wheel to return to his/her lane quickly. When a driver simply jerks or jolts his/her steering wheel too quickly then the trailer behind them whips violently. This can be deadly for cyclists. Please be aware of vehicles pulling trailers. If you see a vehicle pulling a trailer, stay extra wide and clear if you can to account for the potential trailer whip effect by the driver. If you have been or know someone who has been in a bicycle accident involving a vehicle pulling a trailer, call now and we can help. These claims are bit different depending on the type of trailer being pulled. Be assured that there are rights as a cyclist you have, and the driver cannot violate those rights and cause you injury because he/she failed to pay attention to their trailer.

Our law firm is relentless in our pursuit of justice on behalf of people who are injured while on their bicycle. We will discuss your claim at length to see what avenues of recovery are available to you. DO NOT DELAY! Call us today to discuss your potential case.

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