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Aviation Injuries

Commercial aviation traditionally refers to scheduled flights operated by large airlines and is generally considered amongst the “safest” modes of travel. However, every year, thousands of passengers are injured in a variety of different “in-flight” accidents, many of them seriously. Luckily, aviation crashes are rare, but if they do happen, they can devastate many families.

Our law firm will fight for your rights at all phases of commercial aviation litigation, from mass disaster litigation to the representation of passengers injured in individual accidents, whether on board the aircraft or in the airport. Gregg Harrison will litigate and fight for you in regards to mass air disasters, emergency evacuations, turbulence injuries, and almost every other type of airport or in-flight incident. We pride ourselves in being extremely familiar with the laws governing both international and domestic flights, and we are equally comfortable in state and federal courts.

A common mistake made by many passengers and even attorneys is to assume that major airlines will settle cases early to avoid costly and protracted litigation. They assume the best and openly communicate with airline claims personnel without the knowledge of both the Montreal Convention governing international air travel or domestic aviation laws. In return, airlines frequently disclose nothing, including their in-flight accident reports and witness statements. The results are often detrimental to the passenger’s case and can permanently affect his or her right to cover.

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