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Houston Explosion Causes Massive Damages

A local Houston explosion (that has killed at least two people) has made national news.   CNN reports that “At least two people were killed in Friday morning’s explosion at a northwest Houston manufacturing business, police said — a blast that shook much of the city, damaged buildings up to a half-mile away and left some residents at least temporarily displaced.

The explosion rocked Watson Grinding and Manufacturing around 4:15 a.m. local time (5:15 a.m. ET), tearing apart several structures while sending debris and shock waves much further, pushing some nearby homes off their foundations, officials said.
“This is, in essence, a disaster area right now,” city Police Chief Art Acevedo said of the area roughly an 18-mile drive northwest of downtown.
An investigation into what caused the blast is underway and may take months, Acevedo said.” Here is a link to the entire article: HOUSTON EXPLOSION

What Are the Effects of Polypropylene Gas Exposure?

Although most of the airborne polypropylene gas is expected to dissipate soon, it is still a toxic chemical that can cause vomiting, headaches, fainting, and dizziness even after short-term exposure. If you notice yourself feeling light-headed or dizzy, public health officials recommend that you see a doctor immediately for an evaluation and testing. Acute short-term exposure to polypropylene gas can also induce suffocation and heart problems.

Residents living near the blast site may also be at risk for more long-term injuries, such as:

  • Reproductive injuries or possible birth defects
  • Liver damage and/or  failure
  • Heart irregularities or heart related issues
  • Nervous system damage

Previous Violations at Watson Grinding and Manufacturing

According to its website, Watson Grinding and Manufacturing is a machining and manufacturing company that provides “high-performance coatings, machining, and grinding services” for various industrial and aerospace applications. The company does not have any known violations with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), but it ran into issues with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in 2013, when it was fined $8,000 for safety hazards in the workplace.

These senseless explosions and massive catastrophes at local chemical and manufacturing plants need to stop!   Our community is being ravaged by negligence.  The only way to stop this nonsense is to have higher standards of safety and regluations.   Our local citizens need to be protected.   My law firm will not stop helping people who have been wronged or injured by negligent companies or people.  Houstonians deserve better!

If you or a loved one have been injured in this local Houston explosion, Please contact my law firm ASAP.  Gregg Harrison, Attorney at Law PLLC,  TEL: 281-929-0110.
Or if you have a direct question about your damages as a result of this Houston explosion,  you can TEXT your question to:  832-797-7600

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