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Houston Attorney and Friends Support Blue Cure with Erin Brockovich

Attorney Gregg Harrison was so happy to help support the Blue Cure Foundation, founded by Gabe Canales. Blue Cure put on its annual lecture series to raise awareness of providing information on integrative approaches to prostate cancer prevention and treatment. Erin, who was played by Julia Roberts in the true story ‘Erin Brockovich’ – flew into town to give an inspiring speech about her life’s work and mission. Her message was profound and heartfelt – she wants everyone to stand up and take action against pollution and polluted water – to be aware on what is happening in our environment and cancer clusters that are sprinkled throughout our nation and the world. Erin’s passion was clear and urgent – clean water and clean air cannot be taken for granted as is vital to every human’s life.

Erin’s message and work ties directly into cancer research and prevention – which in turn follows the basic mission of Blue Cure — to save lives by advocating for increased prostate cancer research funding and encouraging preventative dietary and lifestyle habits before cancer strikes.
Canales, along with honorary co-chairs Dr. Carolyn Farb and Vivian Wise, and Chairs Angela & Owen Daniels and Chita & Lane Craft presented its annual Blue Cure honor award to Ryan Chase, of 104.1 KRBE’s The Roula & Ryan Show, whose prostate cancer is currently in remission. Blue Cure also presented a stirring video outlining the organization’s new initiatives to fund research examining lifestyle factors that can improve prostate cancer outcomes and decrease incidences of cancer diagnoses – adding and building on its core education and advocacy programs.

Blue Cure delivers the life-saving message of prostate cancer prevention, and provides a global forum for the emotional, mental and educational support of prostate cancer survivors, their caregivers, medical treatment providers and advocates.

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